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Government spokesperson marks International Day of Older Persons

Hungary could not exist without the work put in by older people, the government spokesperson said marking International Day of Older Persons on Sunday.

Alexandra Szentkiralyi said on Facebook that “we thank all Hungarian pensioners on this holiday that they persevered, worked and looked after their families in the most difficult times of the country, following the world war, during communist dictatorship, the lean decades of socialism and after the change of the regime”.

She added that ever since 2010, respecting older people has been part of the government’s system of values, similarly to support for families with children. The government has enshrined it in law that the value of pensions must be maintained, which is why it guarantees every year that pensions increase at the rate of inflation, she added.

Group leader of the co-ruling Christian Democrats Istvan Simicsko said in a statement that the government is determined to maintain the level of pension purchasing power. “Older people can rely on us because we understand that they were the ones who laid the foundations for a successful future,” he added.

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