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Government relaxing rules in bid to boost wind power

The government is relaxing rules with a view to boosting wind power generation, the energy ministry said on Friday.

The new rules reduce the protective radius around wind farms to 700 meters in line with European norms and it will be easier to obtain a permit from January 1, the ministry said in a statement.

Also, the restriction on total power output will no longer apply.

Nevertheless, strong guarantees will obtain in respect of protecting localities, the environment, farmland and landscapes.

The related decree published in the official Hungarian Gazette proscribes wind turbines and the border of their parks from being set up in an area intended for construction or within 700 meters of a protection zone.

Exceptions can be made when it comes to industrial investments which are designated as of special importance in terms of the national economy.

Turbines must not be set up on farmland with great production potential or where the landscape is under national or World Heritage protection.

In areas where wind energy at a height of 150 meters exceeds 500 watts per square metre, authorisation may be expedited, while environmental protection and construction authorisation deadlines are to be set at a maximum of 50 days.

The statement says that the future of the Hungarian economy lies in green energy, and wind power can complement the country’s rapidly growing solar output. The goal is to triple the current wind energy capacity of around 330 megawatts by 2030, it added.

The government also wants to boost storage: a fund totalling 137 billion forints will be open for tender in mid-January for families and businesses building new energy storage capacities, the statement said.

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