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Government protecting agriculture by requiring prior import notice

As well as the ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural produce, the government is helping agriculture by introducing a new requirement of prior notification regarding any agricultural produce to be imported into Hungary from any country, with the measure coming into force on Tuesday.

The new requirement is aimed at enhancing the transparency of market processes and follow-up, the ministry of agriculture said in a statement.

Protecting competitiveness “is vitally important amid the current war”, the ministry said, adding that the EU’s “pro-war policy” was causing challenges in agriculture.

By providing data to the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nebih), information on potential produce imports will be available to the Hungarian authorities before delivery, the statement said.

The obligation applies to the same range of products that are subject to an import ban from Ukraine, including cereals and oilseeds, vegetable oils, flour, eggs and meat products. Declaring produce imported for personal use or items transported through Hungary will not be a requirement, it added.

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