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Government proposes special parliamentary session for Friday

The government has initiated an extraordinary session of parliament on Friday to discuss the new law on teachers' career paths, as well as amendments to legislation on local taxes, the rights of ethnic minorities, as well as mining and sustainable development.

According to a letter of Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen posted on parliament’s website, the session would serve the “speedy adoption of those proposals”.

Deferring the vote to the autumn session would delay important legislative goals, he said.

The proposed amendment on teachers’ career paths would “lay the foundations for the professional and social appreciation of teachers, as well as for further substantial wage hikes,” the interior ministry, which submitted the proposal, has said. The amendment would change teachers’ employment status, their working hours, and introduce a performance-based salary system, among other measures, it said.

The proposed amendment on local taxes would ban local authorities from taxing farmland.

The amendments on the rights of ethnic minorities would amend the election law in line with the proposals of the ethnic minority governments.

Parliament’s spring session is slated to end on Thursday, June 15.

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