Illustration - Photo: MTI

Government organises summer camp for 400 Ukrainian children

Hungary's government has decided to organise a two-week summer camp for four hundred Ukrainian children affected by the war, Foreign Ministry state secretary Tamas Menczer said on Saturday.

In a video posted on Facebook, Menczer said the government received an urgent request for help in caring for refugees from Viktor Mikita, governor of Transcarpathia.

The first group, 63 children and 36 mothers, will arrive to Miskolc on Monday, Menczer said. The other groups are expected to arrive by Aug. 20, he added.

This summer, the government is financing summer camps for more than 1,000 Ukrainian children, the state secretary said. They are not ethnic Hungarians from Transcarpathia but Ukrainian children whose place of residence or parents are affected by the fighting, he added.

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