Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Government: Online ads abroad aim to highlight dangers of migration

The government's online advertisements targeted at foreign markets aim to draw attention to the massive migration pressures at Hungary's southern borders, the Government Information Centre said on Thursday.

“The migrants storming our borders are not unfortunate people but terrorists … who have been violently attacking our border guards,” the centre said in a statement. “Everyone in Europe needs to know this.”

Last year 173,000 migrants tried to enter Hungary, and there have been more and more armed attacks against border guards, it said, adding that the ads contained video evidence of some of the attacks.

Decision-makers in Brussels need to be reminded that Hungary has received no financial help whatsoever for protecting the EU’s external border, the statement said, adding that the EU migration package currently being finalised would only worsen the situation by introducing the mandatory distribution of migrants while overriding the strict migration procedures enforced in Hungary, it added.

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