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Government official: Women receive ‘respect they deserve’ in Hungary

Hungary's government is working to ensure that women receive the respect they deserve in the family, in society and the labour market, the state secretary for families told a video conference of the UN's Commission on the status of women.

Agnes Hornung said the government remained focused on strengthening women. “We see families as the symbol of historic continuity. The future of our nation is based on families.”

Population decline in Europe has brought dangers that cannot be taken lightly, Hornung warned. The Hungarian government has issued over 30 subsidies and other measures supporting families in an attempt to raise willingness to have children.

Women who decide to have children face physical and psychological challenges as well as “strict social expectations”, she said, adding that Hungary’s measures ensured that women would not have to give up their career or studies to have children. Additionally, service providers and employers are recognising the importance of families more and more, she added.

Regarding gender equality, Hornung said “we still have work to do, but we hope we are on the path to success.”

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