The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Government official urges EPP to return to ‘Christian roots’

State secretary Csaba Latorcai has slammed the European People's Party (EPP) for "adopting cancel culture" after Finnish EPP MEP Petri Sarvamaa proposed launching an Article 7(2) procedure against Hungary.

In a post on Facebook late on Tuesday, Latorcai said the EPP MEP aimed to take away Hungary’s European Union voting rights with a “hate campaign” because the country had taken the position in December that it was too early to start accession talks with Ukraine.

A “dictatorship of opinion” has reached the EPP, too, he added, and urged the party to “return to its Christian roots”.

He said KDNP, an EPP member and an ally of Hungary’s governing Fidesz, would “wait no further” for the EPP to go back to its Christian democracy foundations and called for the support of voters in the June EP elections in the matter.

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