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Government official: Parties who got European policy wrong should not say who heads EU bodies

Parties who have messed up European policymaking must not be the ones to dictate who get to lead EU bodies, and Hungary seeks cooperation with those who believe in a sovereign Europe and a new kind of European policymaking, Balazs Orban, the prime minister's political director, said in Brussels on Tuesday.

In the European parliamentary elections voters made clear their dissatisfaction with Brussels bureaucrats and Europe’s direction over the past five years, and they want a change in policies on migration, the green transition, competitiveness and sanctions, he told Hungarian journalists on the day of an informal working dinner of EU leaders.

The Brussels elite want to bypass the choices of European voters and put together an EPP-Socialist-Liberal coalition, he said. “We Hungarians disagree,” he declared.

Europe may end up with pro-war and pro-migration institutional leaders who would put pro-peace and anti-migration governments, including Hungary’s administration, under pressure, he said.

The political director said an EPP-Socialist-Liberal coalition were fully in line with the judgment of the Court of the European Union obliging Hungary “to pay an unprecedented fine”, and they would also force the country to dismantle its border protection system “which has been preventing an influx of illegal migrants”.

The ruling Fidesz party, he said, sought cooperation in the European Parliament with forces who considered it possible to fight effectively against migration, implement the green transition without undermining European competitiveness, establish peace in Ukraine, and draw up an economic model for peaceful developments on the continent.

Meanwhile, answering a question about interim Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s bid to take up the post of NATO secretary-general, he said Prime Minister Viktor Orban had made clear his expectation that “the heads of all international organisations should show respect towards Hungary” and uphold equal treatment in all international organisations, including NATO.


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