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Government official: ‘Outrageous’ that left wing trying deprive teachers of wage rise

Hungary's left-wing opposition wants to deprive teachers of their wage rise, Pal Zsigmond Barna, parliamentary state secretary of the European affairs ministry, said in a social media post on Wednesday, which he called "outrageous".

Referring to a European Parliament lawsuit against the European Commission in connection with Hungary’s EU funds, the official called the move “the latest attack on Hungary by the European and Hungarian dollar leftists”, and he accused MEPs Anna Donath, Katalin Cseh and Klara Dobrev of undermining Hungary.

He accused them of “working for months from their 5-6 million forint monthly salary in Brussels” to prevent Hungary from receiving EU funding which, he said, would endanger pay rises that have boosted salaries to around 800,000 forints.

Zsigmond said that when the commission decided in December pay the funds owed to Hungary, the left “renewed their attack” and worked in the EP’s legal affairs committee behind closed doors to file the lawsuit.

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