Government official: Nationall Consultation questions justified, ‘contrary to EC’s claims’

"Contrary to the claims of the European Commission", the questions in the government's current National Consultation public survey are justified, Csaba Domotor, state secretary at the prime minister's cabinet, said on Tuesday.

Domotor said in a video on Facebook that the EC had said the survey’s questions were “unfounded” and did not want to comment on them.

But the government, he said, could justify every single question in the survey, and recommended that the EC “shouldn’t try to deny their own proposals and decisions”.

Domotor said the question about Brussels’s intention to send more weapons to Ukraine could be backed up by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell’s recent comments on the need to send a million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine, before rolling a clip of Borell’s remark. Also, the EC is asking for further tens of billions of euros in support for Ukraine, he added.

As regards the question on migration, Domotor said that despite the Hungarian government’s objection, the EU had recently approved a new migration package. The package, he added, covered the mandatory redistribution of migrants and would overwrite Hungary’s asylum rules.

Domotor said European commissioners had recently spoken openly about the need to bring “as many immigrants as possible — whom they call guest workers — to Europe to resolve the labour market problems”.

The state secretary played a clip of EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson saying that the EU would need 7 million workers by 2030.

Concerning the question saying that Brussels wanted to scrap utility subsidies, Domotor noted that the EC, in its latest country-specific recommendations for Hungary, had proposed that “the remaining energy support measures . should be phased out . and the related savings should be used to reduce the government deficit.”

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