Photo: MTI

Government official: Idea of national identity ‘has many challengers’

Many are challenging the idea of national identity nowadays, Bence Retvari, a state secretary at the interior ministry, said at the third All-Hungarian Mother Tongue Camp in Satoraljaujhely, in north-eastern Hungary, on Tuesday.

“Some say material possessions are more important than Hungarian identity and the characteristics we are born with,” Retvari said.

“Our innate qualities aren’t something we should leave behind, since it is what binds Hungarians and Christians together,” the state secretary said.

A camp organised by the Rakoczi Association can help its participants “get more out of themselves and overcome themselves”, Retvari said, expressing hope that the students would return to the Satoraljaujhely camp. Those attending the camp can learn more about Hungarian history, culture and language, he said.

Some 10,000 young Hungarians from beyond the border have attended the Rakoczi Association’s camps, Retvari said, adding that some 1,000 Hungarians have taken part in the Korosi Csoma Sandor and Petofi programme for Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin and in the diaspora.

Csongor Csaky, the Rakoczi Association’s president, told public media that this year’s camp is attended by students from the Carpathian Basin, Sothern Transylvania and Transcarpathia, as well as from Canada, Spain and Australia.

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