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Government official: Hungary working to be ‘winner of new world order’

Hungary aims to remain on good terms with China and the US, and will not commit to either one as it works towards becoming a winner of the "realignment of the world order", the prime minister's policy director said in Tihany on Saturday.

Balazs Orban told the Tranzit festival in Tihany, in western Hungary, that Hungary, engaged as it is in western scientific and political discourse, “has a responsibility to explain to our ‘American friends’ that defeating an upcoming economic superpower, China, in war is not a good idea.”

“The third world war depends only on the United States”, Orban said, while Europe and Hungary want a “new deal”, he said.

Medium-sized powers and regional medium-sized powers, which status Hungary aspires for, will have an huge role in the “realignment of the new world order”, Orban said. Hungary could be a figurehead of peaceful coexistence and trade between the East and the West, he said.

űHungary, as part of the western world, must “show the decent approach to change”, he said. Hungary’s strategy to “grow through connections” is the only way ahead, and one that “Europe unfortunately isn’t following”.

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