Illustration - Photo: MTI

Government official: Hungary supports peace

Hungary supports peace "as everything needed for a worthy human life can only be provided in peacetime", Peter Szilagyi, the deputy state secretary for policies for Hungarian communities abroad, said in Cleveland on Sunday, marking the March 15 national holiday.

Addressing a commemoration held by local Hungarians, Szilagyi said that “Hungary today is seeking the difficult path of representing Hungarian interests with the same unwavering consistency as it did in 1848 when it put self-determination first”.

Szilagyi said that the government elected in 2010 had defined promoting the preservation of diaspora Hungarians’ national identity a strategic goal. The Hungarian Diaspora Council was established in 2013 to serve that goal and has now 100 organisations helping its work in over 30 countries, he added.

“Thanks to joint efforts over the past years, diaspora Hungarians have gained new impetus: through the various programmes and grants, we have proven that Hungarians around the world can count on us,” Szilagyi said.

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