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Government official: Hungary committed to building hydrogen economy

Hungary is committed to building the hydrogen economy, thereby creating thousands of jobs, an innovation and technology ministry official said on Tuesday.

The process of building the hydrogen economy will generate great engineering challenges and make a significant contribution to Hungary’s economic growth, Attila Steiner, the state secretary for climate, energy policy and the development of the circular economy, told a conference on hydrogen technology.

Hungary’s government approved the National Hydrogen Strategy in May with the aim of helping decision-makers identify which areas of the hydrogen value chain could benefit most from government support, he said.

Steiner also underlined the importance of making hydrogen production greener, noting that it was mainly produced from fossil fuels in Hungary.

Hungary’s gas storage facilities hold more than 6 billion cubic metres of natural gas, Steiner noted, adding that the country’s gas network was also well developed. He said it would be important to examine how the gas network could be used to transport or store hydrogen.

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