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Government official: Hungary ‘cannot be accused of lack of solidarity’

Hungary cannot be accused of lacking solidarity, as it had launched the largest humanitarian action of its history to aid Ukrainians fleeing from the war and is supporting humanitarian action in Gaza, the state secretary for aiding persecuted Christians said on Monday in Brussels.

Speaking ahead of a meeting of EU ministers responsible for international development projects, Tristan Azbej said Hungary had opened its borders to more than one million Ukrainian refugees and provided asylum for hundreds of thousands. The government is providing aid for people displaced within Ukraine, too, he added.

At the same time, Hungary rejects all types of aid that would lead to a protracted war and further loss of life, he said. Also, “we won’t allow European Union funds Hungary is entitled to land in Ukraine”, he said.

Regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict, Azbej said Hungary was providing health-care services to Palestinian refugees in Egypt and participating in humanitarian action in Gaza.

Hungary has also launched a “development and peace-building project” in the Sahel to prevent the deepening of conflicts there and to contribute to developments “to ensure people can make a living there rather than leaving for Europe”, he said.

During its EU presidency, Hungary will focus on preserving stability and facilitating progress in those regions. “In the spirit of Christian solidarity, we must ensure the welfare of people in crisis regions and to find the most humane ways to prevent migration,” he said.

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