Photo: MTI

Government official: Hungary a world leader in vaccinations

Hungary has overtaken the United States in terms of the percentage of its population who have received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and has all but caught up with the United Kingdom in full vaccination rate, a foreign ministry official said on Wednesday.

Fully 51.1 percent of Hungary’s population has received the first vaccine dose, compared with 49.5 percent in the US, Tamas Menczer, the state secretary for communications and international representation, said in a video posted on Facebook, noting the European Union average first dose vaccination rate of 32.5 percent.

So far, 32.7 percent of Hungarians have been fully vaccinated, putting the country just behind the UK, which has a full vaccination rate of 34 percent, Menczer said. Meanwhile, the EU average full vaccination rate is 16 percent, he added.

“The vaccine is what saves lives and what will lead us back to our normal lives,” Menczer said.

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