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Government official hits back at Czech minister’s criticism of child protection law

Tamas Menczer, the foreign ministry state secretary for external relations, has hit back at criticism of Hungary's child protection law by Czechia's foreign minister, saying Hungarians "will do anything for our children".

Menczer responded on Facebook to a tweet by Jan Lipavsky in which he said he was “sorry that Czechia would not join the European lawsuit over Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ law”. The minister said his Pirate Party “do not intend to give up on this topic”. “Children are not threatened by seeing such characters on TV or in books. What threatens them is when hatred is artificially incited or information is withheld from them,” he added.

Menczer said: “The truth is that such characters are dangerous to our children. Children are vulnerable and cannot protect themselves. We have to protect them.”

He added that children must be protected from “LGBTQ propaganda” and paedophiles.

“We have seen terrible examples, we must ensure that they are not repeated,” Menczer said.

“What happens at Czech kindergartens and schools is none of my business. How Jan Lipavsky raises his children — if he has any — is none of my business, either,” the state secretary said. “But he should know that in Hungary only the decisions of Hungarians matter and Hungarians have clearly decided that children must be protected. We, Hungarians will do anything for our children, and we will protect them!”


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