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Government official: ‘Fencing off bike paths dangerous’

The safety bollards "unprofessionally installed" to protect bicycle paths along Budapest's Vaci and Ulloi roads are "dangerous and will cause traffic jams", and hinder ambulances and police, Bence Retvari, state secretary at the interior ministry, told MTI on Monday.

Retvari slammed Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony for taking “pseudo-measures” and taking lanes away from vehicular traffic rather than providing new bike paths.

He insisted that the bollards had been installed without preliminary consultations and the move had “created incomprehension and fear”. “Nobody had considered how much trouble it would cause to ambulance and police cars, and firefighters.” “It is important for the city to take measures which will assist the work of ambulance staff, police, and firefighters, rather than ones that would actually hinder and jeopardise them,” Retvari said.

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