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Government official expresses condolences to Transcarpathia leaders over war losses

Levente Magyar, a state secretary of the foreign ministry, visited Transcarpathia on Monday and expressed his condolences to the region's leadership over heavy losses sustained in the war.

In a speech opening the meeting with the Transcarpathia general assembly and representatives of the military administration, Transcarpathia Governor Viktor Mikita thanked Hungary for its continuous help throughout the war.

Magyar said the talks focused on joint projects. “The list of things Hungary and Ukraine have done together to mitigate war damage and ease the suffering is already long,” he said.

Both sides also looked into the future, preparing for trade and cooperation in peacetime, he said. He highlighted a Hungarian-Italian-Ukrainian investment aiming to establish a railway corridor linking Ukraine and the Italian coast, saying Hungary was supporting the Ukraine leg of the investment, among other projects.

Ukraine and Hungary have recently won significant EU funding for the upgrade of a border crossing to ease the pressure on the Zahony-Cop (Csap) crossing, he said.

Magyar thanked Mikita for his support of the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia, saying he had done everything in his power to preserve peace in the region.

Lawmaker Julija Hrisina of the ruling Sluha narodu (Servant of the people) party also attended the meeting, and thanked Hungary for financing 100 ventilators for Ukrainian health-care institutions, adding that traditional cooperation between Transcarpathia and Hungary had strengthened after the start of the war.

In the afternoon, Magyar laid a wreath at the memorial site for the soldiers who died in the war, and said he had been “shaken” by fast-growing number of graves. The war is becoming more intense, “and that supports the Hungarian narrative that peace is a priority,” he said.

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