The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Government official: EP resolution on war ‘step towards escalation’

The European Parliament adopted a resolution last week on the Russia-Ukraine war, calling for stepping up weapon deliveries to Ukraine, among other measures, a state secretary of the cabinet office said on Saturday.

The 7th point of the resolution calls for deliveries of more armoured vehicles and ammunition, to be followed by long-distance missile systems and fighter jets to the war-torn country, Csaba Domotor said.

“This is everything but a call for peace. More like a big step towards the escalation of the war,” Domotor said in a video on Facebook.

Point 26 of the resolution calls for the full embargo of Russian fossil fuels and uranium, which would mean banning the imports of gas and nuclear fuel rods, Domotor said.

Rising energy prices have already fuelled record inflation, Domotor warned. A full embargo will “guarantee” further price increases, he said. “As usual, leftist parties have voted for the resolution,” he added.

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