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Government official: EP elections to be ‘eye-opener for Brussels’

The European Parliamentary elections this year will need to "open up the eyes of Brussels" where currently "it's the blind leading the blind", Balazs Orban, the prime minister's political director, told MTI on Monday.

“The Brussels elite has long turned a blind eye to the real, everyday problems of European people,” Orban said. They won’t see the influx of illegal migrant masses, the need to protect children against “liberal indoctrination and the gender ideology”, the ramifications of the sanctions against Russia, the “forced green transition” leading to increased utility prices, as well as Europe’s dwindling competitiveness, he insisted.

Concerning migration, the official said the number of illegal entries along the community’s external borders reached 355,300 in 2023, up 17 percent from the previous year and the highest figure since 2015. The number of entry attempts along Hungary’s southern border neared 171,000, he said. Orban also added that 217,070 illegal migrants had been ordered to leave the community in the first half of last year, but “only one fifth of them were actually expelled, all the rest remaining in Europe as illegal immigrants.”

“Illegal migration must be stopped at the border, and problems must be resolved where they occur rather than imported to Europe,” Orban said.

“Rather than adopting a functional Hungarian model, Brussels forced upon the community a migration pact which does not contribute to resolving the problem but constitutes the problem itself. aimed at creating migrant ghettoes and introducing mandatory quotas,” the director said.

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