Government official: Enhancing energy sovereignty important for Hungary

Enhancing energy sovereignty is an important goal for Hungary, and renewables, natural gas power plants and nuclear energy are needed to achieve that, the energy ministry's state secretary told a conference focusing on green energy and Hungary's climate policy on Tuesday evening.

Speaking about renewable energy sources, Attila Steiner highlighted “the best potential” Hungary had in solar energy, noting the country’s current capacity of over 6,000 MW.

“This combined with the output of the Paks nuclear plant goes to show that Hungary is capable of producing 8,000 MW of CO2-free electricity, if there is sunshine,” he said, adding that periods without sunshine created a problem.

This is why storing energy is key, he said. Steiner noted the launch of a subsidy scheme for building huge storages that will allow increasing the current capacity of 25 MW to 400-500 MW.

Steiner said that by 2030 Hungary’s electricity consumption will increase by 50 percent, due partly to general industrial development considerations, electric car and battery plants, which he said are all electricity-intensive areas.

“We should not be afraid of this, but we need to create conditions and launch investments that allow moving into this direction, because this will be the key to Hungary’s economy in the future.”

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