Csaba Domotor

Government official: Approval of migrant distribution plan ‘shows worst side of Brussels politics’

The adoption of a position on the distribution of migrants by European Union interior ministers has shown "the worst side of Brussels politics", a cabinet parliamentary state secretary said on Friday.

In contrast to the EU’s previous plan for migrant distribution quotas, the new version would require member states that refuse to accommodate migrants to pay an equivalent of 8 million forints (EUR 22,000) per migrant, Csaba Domotor said in a video posted on Facebook. “They call this a contribution, but it’s actually a multi-million fine,” he added.

The proposal would regulate the distribution of asylum procedure capacities, with Hungary being required to perform 28 percent of all border procedures, Domotor said. “The majority of such procedures would not have to be performed by Greece or by Italy, but us,” he added.

“This week’s development shows the worst side of Brussels politics, because they’re making decisions at the expense of our future over our heads, depriving us of the right to decide whom we want to live with,” the state secretary said, adding that the Hungarian government did not support this.

“There will be more talks coming, and we’re ready for the debates,” Domotor said. “We can’t let them force this plan on us.”


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