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Government official addresses Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme signing

Education and vocational training must be tailored to meet labour market needs, the state secretary in charge of vocational training said at a ceremony in which an agreement on the implementation of a Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme was signed in Budapest on Wednesday.

The government approved the Vocational Training 4.0 strategy, modelled partly on the Swiss system, in 2019, Annamaria Poloskei noted at the event.

It has been used and continuously updated ever since its introduction in the 2020/21 school year, she said.

The curricula of technician training schools and universities have been harmonised, making it easier for certified technicians to enroll in university, Poloskei added. She highlighted the importance of preplanning careers and mentoring methods for disadvantaged youth which, she said, helped reduce the number of school drop-outs.

The cooperation scheme signed today would help in the implementation of those goals, the state secretary said.

Addressing the signing, Swiss Ambassador Jean-Francios Paroz said the programme was aimed at promoting the preplanning of a professional career and project-based learning in Hungarian vocational education, and he offered to share Switzerland’s experience in the field.

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