Photo: Alexander Stemp

Government official addresses EU Strategy for the Danube Region plenary session

Tristan Azbej, the state secretary responsible for aiding persecuted Christians, highlighted the importance of peace, enlargement and connectivity at a plenary session of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in Kranj on Tuesday, calling the war in Ukraine the biggest challenge in the region.

Azbej said in a social media post after the meeting that the most important goal now was to achieve peace and save lives. The state secretary said he had presented the Hungarian government’s position at the meeting on the need for an immediate ceasefire over escalation.

Concerning EU enlargement, Azbej said Hungary had recognised that the EU integration of the Western Balkan countries was in the interest of the whole of Europe, arguing that it would make the bloc stronger.

He also emphasised that the steps taken by Hungary in the interest of boosting connectivity, noting the inauguration of a bridge over the River Ipoly between Hungary and Slovakia earlier this year and that more would follow before year-end.

The electrification of rail lines in the direction of Romania and Serbia is under way, and Hungary is linking its hydrocarbon pipelines and electricity networks with its neighbouring countries, he said.


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