Government establishing unit to help companies apply AI

A key aim of the government's AI strategy is to boost the productivity of Hungarian small and medium-sized firms by employing AI technologies, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) said on Sunday. The goal is to increase productivity by 26 percent over the next ten years.

The AI Innovation Centre will introduce SMEs to various technologies and help identify the appropriate suppliers. Consultants will be on hand to help firms implementing applications, and the centre will assemble ready-made packages while creating opportunities for businesses to learn from each other, the ministry said in a statement.

SMEs must be given the opportunity to test efficiency gains from AI risk-free, it added.

The centre will be involved in basic research as well as applied research to ensure that research is in tune with market needs, the statement said. Business programmes and investment funds, as well as startups, will also benefit, it said.

Cross-border R and D projects will also be a key focus of the new centre’s activities, as well as attracting international AI research to Hungary, the ministry said.

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