Government approves space strategy

The government has approved Hungary's national space strategy, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. Like most European countries, Hungary has laid out the cornerstones of its opportunities and directions of development in space research in a space strategy, the ministry told MTI.

The strategy envisions Hungary as a long-term player in the global value chain of the space industry and a regional leader in certain development areas, it said.

Another priority of the strategy is to ensure a constant supply of multidisciplinary specialists with a view to supporting the production of high-innovation and value-added products and services, as well as the development of domestic space competencies, the ministry said.

The strategy also aims to boost Hungary’s level of competitiveness through the space industry, thereby improving the quality of life in Hungarian society.

The government set out three pillars of the strategy to accomplish its goals. The first pillar is exploiting the potential of the space sector to foster innovation and sustainable growth in the economy as a whole.

The second pillar is strengthening Hungary’s international role, the broadening of its relations, and the creation of an organizational framework for coordination. The final one is developing the infrastructural background and the social and economic conditions that are essential to the space sector.

It added that the goals of Hungary’s space strategy were in line with the European Space Agency’s Agenda 2025 strategy, the main goals of the European Union’s space programme and the government’s economic development goals.

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