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German police release 16 Hungarian soccer fans

The German police have now released 16 Hungarian soccer fans out of 18 detained in connection with a Hungary-Germany football match in Munich on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told regional Debrecen TV on Thursday evening.

Szijjarto said that “among those striving for regular human relationships a football match cannot create a problem”. He also insisted that “some” had sought to “involve the match, players and spectators in mean political games and in a campaign of lies”.

According to the minister, Hungarian fans in Munich were facing “continuous provocation” and “incorrect treatment” such as when “riot police stood up in front of the Hungarian camp or when their bus was held up for hours”. Bavarian authorities exhibited an “unaccustomedly and shockingly hostile and incorrect behaviour”, he said, adding that “those that advocate diversity, tolerance, democracy and liberal values now added an unscrupulous and mean political dimension to the match”.

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