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Gazprom starts delivery of additional gas to Hungary

Gazprom started delivery of additional gas to Hungary - above the volume stipulated in the country's long-term contract - in the morning on Friday, the foreign ministry's state secretary Tamas Menczer said in a post on Facebook on Saturday.

Menczer noted that the government had earlier decided to procure an additional 700 million cubic metres of gas to ensure Hungary’s supply as Europe faces an energy crisis caused by the war and sanctions. Talks Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto held in Moscow paved the way for an agreement on the basis of which Gazprom has started delivering additional gas volume, he added.

In the initial phase, Gazprom will deliver a daily 2.6 million cubic metres of the additional gas through the TurkStream pipeline until the end of August, he said. Talks are underway on the pace of deliveries in September, he added.

Menczer noted that Hungary’s gas storage facilities are at over 32 percent capacity, while the European Union average stands under 20 percent.

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