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Gal: 67 conservative MEPs sign letter in support of Hungary

Sixty-seven right-wing MEPs have signed a letter in support of Hungary and calling on the European Commission "not to give in to blackmail and pressure by the European Parliament", MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz Kinga Gal told MTI on Wednesday.

In reaction to a recent call by five group leaders of the European Parliament aimed at further blocking community funding for Hungary, the letter pointed out that “the demands by group leaders of the EP can in no way be interpreted as part of the EU’s conditionality mechanism,” Gal said.

The letter, Gal said, reflected “solidarity with Hungary … as well as the fact that Hungary is not alone with its position that such pressure and blackmail must not be considered by the European Commission”.

Gal insisted that the EP was exerting pressure “because the Hungarian government continues to support peace in Ukraine and will not change its anti-war and anti-migration position, just as well it will not drop its position on child protection”.

MEP Tamas Deutsch said signatories of the letter “insist that the European Commission should consistently enforce the EU’s regulations and say no to pressure, and pass its decisions based on facts.”

Deutsch said the Hungarian government had made an agreement with the commission and fulfilled its obligations. The legal changes Hungary has introduced will take effect on Thursday, “removing all obstacles for Hungary to access EU development funds … but the European Left seeks to prevent that and blackmail the European Commission to come up with further political preconditions for Hungary,” Deutsch said.

“They want to force us into the war in Ukraine, but we have made a commitment for peace. We won’t change that, nor will we change our position against migration or the gender ideology madness,” Deutsch said.

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