The University of Szeged – Photo: wikipedia

Fourteen Hungarian universities agree to cooperate on sustainability

Fourteen Hungarian universities have signed a framework agreement on forming a sustainability platform to promote environmental protection.

Aniko Raisz, state secretary for environmental protection and the circular economy, praised the initiative as an excellent example of meeting global challenges at local level.

She expressed hope that the number of signatories would soon exceed 60 and that their joint work would yield results even in the short term.

Economic growth should go hand in hand with environmental protection, and neither of them should go to the detriment to the other, she said.

The Hungarian government has demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection several times, Raisz said.

Balazs Hanko, deputy state secretary for higher education, said the energy crisis and the drought have once again underlined that priority should be given to the protection of the global environment, adding that universities had a major role to play in this.

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