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Four new bridges linking Hungary, Slovakia to be finished by 2024

Four new bridges spanning border rivers between Hungary and Slovakia are slated to be finished by the end of 2023, a government official said on Wednesday.

Road bridges planned between Orhalom and Vrbovka (Ipolyvarbo), and Dregelypalank and Ipelske Predmostie (Ipolyhidveg) will cost 1.7 billion forints (EUR 4.7m) each, while the bicycle bridge between Dunakiliti and Doborgaz is expected to come to 1.9 billion, Tamas Schanda, a state secretary of the innovation and technology ministry, said in a statement.

An amendment proposal on a Hungarian-Slovak bilateral agreement regulating the sharing of maintenance and operational tasks between the two countries is currently before parliament, Schanda said.

Construction of a bridge between Ipolydamasd and Helemba is already under way, he said.

Schanda noted that cooperation with Slovakia had “changed gears in the past few years”. The upgrade of the Budapest-Bratislava road opened a highway connection between the two cities, and a new bridge between Komarom and Komarno for freight transport has opened, eliminating a 100km detour lorries needed to take earlier, he said. The M30 road between Miskolc and Kosice will be opened this year five years ahead of schedule, completing the Hungarian stretch of the central European high-speed road system Via Carpathia, he said.

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