Zoltan Balog – Photo: MTI

Former minister Balog ordained Reformed Church bishop

Zoltan Balog, the former human resources minister, was ordained as the Reformed Bishop of Dunamellek in Nagykoros, in central Hungary, on Pentecost Monday.

Balog was elected bishop of the Reformed Diocese of Dunamellek in November last year, but his ordination ceremony had to be postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Addressing the ceremony, Parliamentary Speaker Laszlo Kover greeted Balog, noting his career of service, and highlighting how had gone from being the Reformed priest of a village to a member of government, before returning to the service of the church.

“Throughout his career, endurance was prevalent,” Kover said. “First as a pastor and then serving as a minister, he was a true and trusted believer in the notion that Jesus showed the way to follow.”

Cardinal Peter Erdo, Hungary’s Catholic leader, emphasised the need for Christians to stay united at a time when communities faced new challenges and opportunities.

“We must work tirelessly towards keeping all Christians united, and cannot accept superficial compromises,” Erdo said.

Lutheran Bishop Tamas Fabiny said that Balog had always been known for his solidarity and support for the vulnerable and those left to fend for themselves.

At the ceremony, Balog said his duty would be “to fight for the people, for each and every one of them”.

“Let us fight for the stumbling and aimless young people, for the abandoned elderly and for those praying for a child,” Balog said. “Let us find them, let us knock on their door if they do not come by themselves. This is the most important service of the diocese and the church.”

The ceremony was also attended by Tamas Sulyok, the president of the Constitutional Court, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen, Gergely Gulyas, the prime minister’s chief of staff, Katalin Novak, the family affairs minister, and Aniko Levai, the wife of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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