Gabor Vona - Photo: Facebook

Former Jobbik leader Vona to launch new party

Gabor Vona, the former leader of opposition Jobbik, said on Thursday that a foundation he had registered following the 2018 parliamentary election would be converted into a political party dubbed 2RK (Second Reform Age).

Vona said in a video on Facebook that “there could be a second reform age in Hungary in the 21st century, meaning a country that organises itself and a society that has self-respect”.

Instead of following ideologies, the party will pursue politics along the political vision of the reform age, he said. Vona said they would not deal with the “tribal conflicts” that characterise Hungarian politics today but “focus on their own issues while building bridges and seeking creative energies”.

He added that 2RK would not enter into an alliance either with the ruling parties or any opposition party.

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