Janos Bencsik – Photo: wikipedia

Former Jobbik lawmaker’s new party to run on own ticket in 2022 election

The new party Civic Answer (Polgari Valasz), founded by Janos Bencsik, a former Jobbik lawmaker, will run its own national list and field individual candidates in every electoral district in the general election next spring.

“Recent developments [in Hungarian politics] have made it clear that Christian conservative values are not represented in politics at all,” Bencsik, who was the leader of Jobbik’s Budapest chapter, said in a statement.

He said that ever since he announced his new movement, many people across Hungary had got in touch with them, which Bencsik said “was a call for us to fly the flag of a civic Hungary, the flag [now ruling] Fidesz has long thrown away and the left wing opposition has never carried at all”.

Civic Answer will never serve “the interests of the ruling forces under an opposition banner” as it will never join the six-party alliance of the opposition for the 2022 ballot, he said.

“We will represent those not represented otherwise in either form: those Hungarians who respect traditions, performance and the concept of the nation-state,” Bencsik said.

The party stands for open and rational public discourse and cultured debates, for respecting laws and their “exemplary observance by those in power” and demands predictability, transparency and accountability from a government, he said.

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