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Forestry company: Tree-felling decree no threat to forests

A recent government decree allowing the felling of trees in the even of an energy emergency will not put Hungary's forests in danger, the managing director of forestry company Egererdo said on Friday.

Csaba Dobre told public current affairs channel M1 that tree-felling was carried out on line with the country’s strict environmental protection law, and the decree would enter into force only in case of an emergency.

The company which manages forests in the Matra, Bukk and Borsod hills projects that the 1.3 million cubic metres of firewood planned to be produced this year will be sufficient to satisfy public demand, he added.

The extension of the period allowed for tree-felling does not threaten the forests, either, because the extended drought has already resulted in autumn conditions, he said.

Dobre told public Kossuth radio that 70 percent of the woods managed by Egeredo had the highest ecological value, and these could not be felled even in case of an emergency.

Opposition green parties have launched a campaign to prevent tree-felling for the provision of firewood.

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