Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Foreign ministry official responds to Slovak PM’s remark on Orbán

Tamas Menczer, the foreign ministry's state secretary for bilateral relations, has responded to acting Slovak Prime Minister Lajos Odor's remark that the Hungarian prime minister was "mostly alone with his views".

“Many would like to be as alone as [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán”, he said on Sunday in a Facebook post.

Menczer said that with due respect to Odor, it should be noted that Orbán had been a politician in the frontline for more than thirty years and prime minister for the 18th year. Orbán has won with two-thirds majority support four times in a row, he added.

Millions of Hungarians stand behind him, not to mention his non-Hungarian supporters, Menczer said.

Orbán has been right in connection with all international crises, which is the reason why his significant in international politics is much greater than what Hungary’s size would justify, he said.

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