Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: MTI

Foreign minister tests positive during Asian trip

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has tested positive for coronavirus during official engagements in Asia but is asymptomatic, according to a ministry spokesman.

The minister tested positive after arriving in Bangkok, the foreign ministry’s press chief told MTI.

After visiting Cambodia, Szijjarto went on to Thailand where, in accordance with local rules, he entered hospital in the capital. Negotiations are under way to ensure his return to Budapest, where he will enter quarantine.

Szijjarto tested negative just before leaving for Asia.

One thought on “Foreign minister tests positive during Asian trip

  1. What is the Hungarian FM doing in Cambodia ? It is beyond the pale of reason and reasonable belief.What can Cambodia offer Hungary ?Besides aid ,what can Hungary offer Cambodia ? Cambodia is run by a Tin Pot Dictator who is 80 years old,is 4 th pass and has 21 PHDs,and was a part of the Khmer Rouge,who then turned into a Viet Stooge,and the rest if history.

    Moral of the Story – Cambodia needs “no strings aid” which can be provided ONLY by the PRC. Ultimately it will be a Chinese vassal or colony or protectorate.dindooohindoo

    Hun Sen believes in the concept of “lightning oaths” wherein a lightning strikes the traitor/liar.

    Which world is he in ?

    After 5000 years of evolution and 30 years of Hun Sen’s rule,what has the nation achieved ?

    The Cambodians hunt,farm and export rats

    The Cambodians farm and export monkeys

    The Cambodians sell their kids as “professional beggars” in East Asia Tourist Hotspots

    The Cambodians also feel that cheating in schools in their FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT

    WHAT CAN HUNGARY DO FOR CAMBODIA ? Even scholarships for Higher education is of no use,as it creates elitism.

    The Primary education is a Black Hole and there is NO Critical Thinking.They pray to Magic Pythons, Magic Coconuts and Magic Grass


    In ASEAN and in the UN,Cambodia votes IN TANDEM with the PRC and also allies with Russian interests – as it is a vulnerable nation,with no independence of thought and action.

    What strategic benefit,can it provide to Hungary ?

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