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Foreign minister: Swedish schools spreading ‘serious accusations and fake information’ on Hungary

Swedish schools are spreading "serious accusations and fake information" on Hungary, which "does not help" the Hungarian ratification process of Sweden's NATO membership, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a letter addressed to his Swedish counterpart, Tobias Billstrom, on Thursday.

Noting that Billstrom had initiated several meetings on the issue, Szijjarto said: “I took advantage of these occasions to explain to you the very negative reception of a [series] of biased, unfair and unjust accusations put forward by Swedish politicians. These accusations have challenged the democratic nature of our domestic political system and questioned the maturity of the Hungarian people to make decisions about the future of our own country.”

Hungarian lawmakers obtained their mandates in democratic elections, and often managed that feat multiple times. “If they hear your politicians to judge this as undemocratic or authoritarian, please do not be surprised if they consider this as an insult,” he said.

“And now, dear minister, these Members of Parliament have read in the news that as part of your school curriculum … serious accusations and fake information are being spread to students in the schools of Sweden, suggesting that democracy has been on a backslide in Hungary in recent years.”

“You urge our Parliamentarians to ratify your accession to NATO, while you continue to accuse them … [of] destructing democracy in Hungary, he said.”

That contradiction “does not help” the process of ratification along, he said.

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