Illustration – Photo: wikipedia

First Leopard 2A7, Leguan 2HU tanks inaugurated at Tata base

Hungary took delivery of the first Leopard 2A7HU tank, Leguan 2HU bridge-laying tank and a Wisent 2HU armoured support vehicle in a ceremony at the Tata military base on Thursday.

Addressing the event, Defence Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky said the armoured vehicles were the world’s most advanced military vehicles, “more advanced than those of the German army’s”.

Hungary has ordered 44 “top-notch-technology” Leopard tanks to be delivered by 2028, he said, adding that altogether 3 Leguan tanks and 5 Wisents had been ordered along with other special military vehicles, simulators and spare-parts.

“The Leopards form the basic fleet of the military forces of 20 countries and the type developed for Hungary will serve as a basic model for developing the new, A8 configuration,” the minister said.

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