Photo: MTI

First Hungarian ‘space soldiers’ awarded diploma

The first ten army officers who would represent Hungary in any potential space warfare were awarded diplomas in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, on Thursday.

The officers have completed a course entitled “Introduction into the operation of space technology” at Debrecen University.

Defence State Secretary Szilard Nemeth, who presented them the diplomas, said that both great powers and emerging countries were preparing to gain a foothold in outer space and direct “terrestrial life” from there. Their aspirations entailed national security and economic risks but offered benefits, too, he said.

The officers who completed the course will mean Hungary is not left behind either within NATO or in terms of its own security, Nemeth said.

Space warfare is a global challenge similar to terrorism, illegal migration and cyber warfare, he said.

The course is run by Debrecen University, Eotvos Lorand University of Arts and Sciences (ELTE) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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