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Varga warns against return of ‘Gyurcsany era’ on campaign trail

Mihaly Varga, the finance minister and a lawmaker of the ruling Fidesz party, addressing a campaign gathering in central Budapest on Thursday, said: "We do not want a return of the previous Gyurcsany era that set Hungary on a slippery slope".

Varga spoke at a street forum organised to collect signatures for Fidesz’s petition called “Stop Gyurcsany! Stop Karacsony!” launched on Sept. 1 ahead of next year’s general election.

“We don’t want a return of the era when [former prime minister and leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition] Ferenc Gyurcsany dictated to the left,” Varga said at the Batthany memorial, adding that the previous Socialist-liberal government had indebted Hungary, emptied central coffers, allowed unemployment to skyrocket, pushed people into forex loan traps took taken away the 13th month pension.

“At stake now is whether or not the Gyurcsany era will re-emerge,” Varga said.

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