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Finance Minister: Hungary’s higher education model ‘example to other countries’

The transfer of several Hungarian universities from the state to foundations is a model that other countries may follow, Mihaly Varga, the finance minister, said on Tuesday, after talks with Luis Sanz, head of the advisory board of the International Association of Scientific Parks.

Varga said the Hungarian government “succeeded in linking Hungarian universities to the bloodstream of the economy, multiplying opportunities for cooperation and business ties.”

By 2030, the government wants to see universities playing a key role in meeting the country’s strategic objectives, the minister said, adding that Hungary’s 14 scientific and innovation parks would be instrumental in linking universities with the local and national economic environment.

Varga called Budapest’s Obuda University “one of the greatest and most popular universities” in Hungary, with 12,000 students at its 7 faculties teaching one third of the country’s young engineers. Ever since the university has been run by a foundation, its budget for operations and developments has increased two-and-a-half fold, while teachers have benefitted from an unprecedented pay hike, Varga said, noting also that in international comparison Obuda was considered “the best Hungarian university in IT and technical areas”.

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