Finance Minister Mihaly Varga – Photo: MTI

Finance minister: Education spending, family support tripled since 2010

Government funding for public education and family support has tripled since 2010, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said at the inauguration of a new school building in Budapest on Tuesday.

Over the last ten years, government spending on public education has increased by 735 billion forints (EUR 2.1bn), Varga said.

Zoltan Maruzsa, the state secretary in charge of public education, said the government has recently spent 350 billion forints in state and European Union funds to upgrade schools in 900 locations around the country.

Gabriella Hajnal, who heads KLIK, the public school operating body, said caring for special needs and disabled students would always be a priority. These students are best served in integrated classrooms where they feel most accepted, she said. Hajnal added that she hoped that the principles of the Gyermekek Haza (House of Children) school in the 2nd district, which provides integrated education for special-needs children, would also be embraced by other schools in the country.

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