The European Parliament – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz wants opposition MEP recalled from rapporteur role over alleged link to fraud case

Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh should be immediately recalled from her position of European parliamentary rapporteur over her link to a fraud case involving EU funds, ruling Fidesz's MEP group said on Thursday.

In a letter sent to MEPs, Tamas Deutsch, head of Fidesz’s EP delegation, said Cseh, who is responsible for the EP’s report on the fight against fraud involving EU funds, was herself “the subject of a fraud case involving EU funds”.

“The only acceptable move to preserve the European Parliament’s remaining credibility would be the immediate recall of Katalin Cseh as rapporteur,” Deutsch said.

He said that while the Hungarian left was accusing ruling party politicians, business people and family members of public officials of corruption, Cseh had been put in charge of an anti-fraud report while being linked to a fraud case concerning EU funds and being under investigation by national and EU authorities.

The fact that the person responsible for the EP report on the fight against fraud involving EU funds is “the subject of a fraud case involving EU funds” not only reflects poorly on Renew Europe, Momentum’s EP group, but it also “seriously undermines the already shattered reputation of the European Parliament and the European Union”, Deutsch said.

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