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Fidesz: Voters should have final say in child protection debate

With Brussels and organisations linked to US financier George Soros "attacking" Hungary over its child protection law, it is only right if voters have the final say in the debate, the group leader of ruling Fidesz has said in connection with Hungary's April 3 referendum on child protection.

Storybooks, commercials and the internet are subjecting children to “propaganda” on sexual orientations, which they should be protected from, Mate Kocsis told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday. It is parents who have the exclusive right to decide on the sex education of their children, he said.

Kocsis said Hungary had been under pressure from the international media and under attack “by NGOs linked to Soros and pseudo-civil groups” since it passed its anti-paedophile and child protection law last summer. “Let’s let the people decide; that’s the right way to do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the criticisms levelled against the law by Peter Marki-Zay, the opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister, were “baffling”.

“Every mother and father was outraged when Peter Marki-Zay questioned the assertion that the father is a man and the mother a woman,” he said. Marki-Zay, he added, should wait for the outcome of the referendum “instead of insulting those who think differently”.

Concerning the prime ministerial debate initiated by Marki-Zay, Kocsis said: “The prime ministerial candidate really just keeps harping on about this debate.”

“Debating is so important to him that he’s now literally debating pensioners, rural Hungarians, minimum wage earners, those with disabilities, workers, journalists and political analysts,” Kocsis said.

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