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Fidesz urges left wing to stop ‘insulting’ Hungarians

The communications director of governing Fidesz pressed the left wing to stop "insulting Hungarians" on Saturday, in a video message sent to MTI.

“It would be nice if the left wing would finally finish insulting Hungarians, even if that is a grand tradition of the left wing,” Istvan Hollik said.

He said the opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister in the next general election had made his views on the government’s household utilities price reductions “known to all Hungarians”, calling the scheme “obscurantism” and suggesting people concerned about higher utilities prices should consume less energy.

“It appears that is just the tip of the iceberg,” Hollik said, adding that the opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister had recently compared people who support the household utilities price reduction scheme and oppose migration to “mushrooms kept in the dark and fed manure”.

“We don’t think anybody can be allowed to talk like this about 80 percent of Hungarians,” Hollik said.

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