Hamas militants - Photo: Israeli Defence Forces (archive)

Fidesz to submit political declaration condemning terrorism to parliament

Ruling Fidesz will next week submit a political declaration to parliament stating that the legislative body condemns Hamas's terrorist attack against Israel and expresses its sympathies to the victims, Mate Kocsis, the party's group leader, said on Facebook on Sunday.

The document says Hungary condemns terrorists and is on the side of the victims. The victims of terrorism have the right to defend themselves and do whatever it takes to prevent another attack, it says.

Hungary recognises Israel’s right to self-defence, but an interstate war must be avoided, the declaration says, calling for the preservation of the Middle East peace process generated by the Abraham Accords.

It also points out that uncontrolled migration into Europe poses the risk of migrant groups being infiltrated by the agents of Hamas and other terrorist organisations.

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