George Soros – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz suspects Soros network behind left’s foreign campaign financing

Ruling Fidesz on Wednesday said there were "more and more signs" pointing to the network linked to US financier George Soros being behind the foreign campaign financing of Hungary's left wing.

“The dollar left is keeping quiet about its 4 billion forints [EUR 10.2m] worth of foreign financing, but the picture is becoming ever clearer,” Fidesz communications director Istvan Hollik said in a video message. “More and more signs are pointing towards the network of George Soros being behind the full 4 billion forint donation.”

Hollik cited a former communications director of the opposition Socialist Party as telling Radio Free Europe on Tuesday that the Soros network could be the one behind the donation.

Also, according to Wednesday press reports, Soros’s son, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony and David Koranyi, the mayor’s former chief advisor and head of the Action for Democracy foundation, met in Munich a year ago shortly after the first sum was transferred, he added.

Citing reports released by intelligence services, Hollik said Action for Democracy had received the first sum four days after that meeting, after which it “rolled the dollars over the left wing”.

Hollik called on Karacsony to reveal “who is really behind the 4 billion forint campaign donation”.

He said it had become clear that Koranyi’s earlier claim that the sums had been accrued through micro-donations from Hungarians living abroad was not true.

Hollik called the case “the most brutal attempt at foreign influence peddling of the last 30 years”, emphasising that Hungarians had a right to receive answers.

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